Can I get a refund for an e-ticket?

Yes, you can, but we have to notice that the event manager may retain 10-15% of the full amount. Please before requesting the refund check the conditions for your event in the Agreement which you can find under the registration form.  

If you still want to return your ticket, please make a request to an organizer via the link in the letter with a ticket:

The manager should approve your request and after that, we can make a refund. We don’t know how long it may take but we will keep you informed via email.

As soon as an event organizer approves your request you will receive the letter with the refund details. Il will look like this:

After that we will need some time to proceed with the refund, usually, it takes up to 10 days. Then we will send your money back. The term of the enrolment depends on your bank, in general, it takes 2-30 days. 

You will get your money back the same way you have made the payment. There is just one exception: if you have paid in cash through payment terminals, you should contact our Support Team and get the following instructions (